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The goal of CDS is to be the consummate source of the news and information that matters most to those who have staked their livelihoods on the commerce surrounding the world’s most beneficial plant. Through thoughtful, in-depth articles, breaking, industry-specific news, and the most up-to-date product information available anywhere, we intend to be the catalyst for this burgeoning market’s continued evolution. We are not just a buyer’s guide; we are the buyer’s source.



HQ Magazine has officially launched Canna Dispensary Supply, a buyer’s guide specifically designed with dispensary owners in mind.

Canna Dispensary Supply is distributed to over 4,500 outlets conducting business in states allowing the use of legalized recreational and medicinal cannabis. Our goal is to provide canna-business buyers easy access to credible, professional vendors. HQ’s 17-years of diligent data gathering ensures both buyers and vendors in these industries mutual growth and security. HQ’s Canna Dispensary Supply is your new go-to source!

Headquest (HQ) is a monthly business-to-business magazine that has been serving a broad range of counterculture retailers since 1998. HQ goes to smoke/gift shops, hydroponic stores, cannabis dispensaries, adult stores, convenience stores, and similar retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Look for HQ Europe/U.K. coming soon!

HQ has a monthly circulation of approximately 16,000. As HQ is distributed to retail outlets only, it has become a trusted buying tool and information source for these retailers. HQ is also distributed at all major trade shows. Retailers find HQ’s unique insights into our industry via full-length articles and product spotlights, always refreshing and informative. In addition, HQ provides readers with first-hand, successful business practices by featuring a thriving retail store every month. All of this makes HQ the premier trade magazine and your best venue for successful advertising.


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“Whatup, Youtube! We’re back here . . . we got a wonderful TKO CBD J!” It’s an episode from the Youtube channel, Stoned Ventures. The

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They're not your grandmother's vases (although they will hold flowers). My Bud Vase turns vintage vessels into one-of-a-kind water pipes for discriminating smokers.

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How many times have you gone into a smoke shop and the person behind the counter is so involved with playing a game on their phone that they barely look up to say hello. It's a pretty safe bet that ... See more

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Check out these sweet nuggs!

Moonrock Chocolates are CBD infused chocolates surrounding a chewy center (caramel, oreo cookie, mint and milk chocolate). If you're into breakfast, there's also nuggs ... See more

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Juul Deploying Big Tobacco Playbook to Preempt Local Control – HQ The Mag

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Zig Zag is one of the biggest names in rolling papers. For over 100 years Zig Zag has maintained a reputation for consistency and quality ---- now they've added Zig Zag Organic Hemp 1 1/4 Rolling ... See more

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The Science of Cannabis Vaporization

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Whether you have two employees or two-hundred, it's important to the success of your business that everyone is operating from the same playbook.

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9 States That Could Vote to Legalize Marijuana in 2020 | The Motley Fool

Where is your shop located on the map and what is the vibe around legalization in your state?

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A Blunt Assessment -- Federally Legal Cannabis Could Hurt Small Business

LETS HEAR YOUR TOKE ON THIS: If marijuana becomes legal federally in the US only the largest, lowest-cost and most well-capitalized producers will succeed. Increased competition from well-funded ... See more

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Square's motto is "simple tools that help people participate and thrive in the economy." Now those tools are available to sellers of CBD products.

Square will ... See more

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